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Child Custody Court In Memphis Tn

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Top 6 Tennessee Child Support Strategies How to Win Child Support Issues in a Tennessee Divorce

Hi, im miles mason. this message about tennessee child support is for clients and friends in Collierville, Memphis, and Germantown, Tennessee and the surrounding area. Tennessee child support strategy in Tennessee divorce law is important. Here are the top 6 Tennessee child support strategies: 1. Study the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. Details matter. 2. Maximize the amount used for the other parents income. Make sure all earned and passive income is included. The definition.

Of gross income is very broad and can include income that is not taxed. 3. Maximize your parenting time with the children when negotiating the permanent parenting plan. 4. Make sure the costs for certain categories of your childrens expenses are accurate, such as health insurance premiums and child care. If you dont know the amount, find out from the source. Anticipate future cost increases. 5. Make sure you think about all of the extra expenses your children may need, such as tutoring,.

Sports, and educational travel both now and in the future. share those expenses with your lawyer and discuss specific strategies. 6. Run different scenarios. Using the child support calculator, input different amounts (both high and low) for the variables and see how different inputs impact the final amount. You may be surprised. If a particular point in dispute has only a small impact on the outcome of child support, dont fight over it.

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