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Child Custody Evidentiary Hearing

David Black discusses evidentiary hearings and ways to keep evidence out of court

gt;gt; DAVID: Hi! This is David Black. Today, we are talking about evidentiary hearing. For us lawyers, it is a very easy question what is an evidentiary hearing but for lay people, for clients, even for some of my employees, the question is really, quot;what is an evidentiary hearingquot;? It sounds like a big word and I don’t know what happens in one. There are different types of ways that we try to keep evidence out of the court. Sometimes it is because they can establish the chain of custody, for example, blood in a DUI case. In that event, we would make an objection. Sometimes we might do it before or during trial. If we alleged that, there was a bigger violation. A violation of your constitutional rights,.

For example, an officer didn’t have a reasonable suspicion to pull over your vehicle. Let us say you didn’t commit a traffic violation were the officer didn’t have probable cause to arrest you. He didn’t have enough factors to lead him to conclude it is more likely than not that you’ve committed the offense that you’ve been charged with. You can think of that as an objection too but it has to be done before hand and has to be done in writing. And what we us lawyers write is not evidence, so there will be an evidentiary hearing where the witnesses will come and testify to see what evidence it is that we are talking about. How was it obtained? Whether or not it is going or coming? Evidentiary.

Hearing is an opportunity outside of the view of the jury to have a 30minute to 2hour hearing on whether or not this specific piece of evidence will come in. As always, I encourage you to ask me or your lawyer for more questions about your own case and I thank you for viewing my blog today.

Private Investigator Get help with Child Custody Court Cases

gt;gt;MICHAEL: Hi again, this is Michael with ICS World and you’re watching ICS World TV Child custody and visitation investigations. This is, one of the most pressing investigation types that our company faces today. and what is so important about it, is the fact that there are children involved. ICS and our investigative staff are going to be looking at the specific facts of the case. We are going to want and see and document with surveillance,.

Or with good investigations. Whether or not the custody documents are properly being followed. Whether there are safe conditions for the children. Drug users, alcoholics, people who have had an abusive background. Looking at the trash, Do we discover drug usage, is there residue are there other prescription drugs, or other problems that you didn’t know about.

What is the most important thing for you is the wellbeing of the child. We all want the very best for the children. So, I want you to feel comfortable going to icsworld completing a free consultation, calling us at 8008289198 If you’re an international customer, please call us at 4809908888 Don’t forget the international calling code.

And again, this is Michael Thanks for watching ICS World TV See you next time.

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