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Child Custody Law Nova Scotia

For the Sake of the Children 1 Introduction

Unless there’s a risk to the children, kids do best when both parents and important family members are involved in their lives. Family law is written with that principle in mind. We are here to help you to find a solution, if we can. But what we need is your cooperation; and also an open heart and willingness to work toward a resolution that is in the children’s best interest.

Suspects Arrested in Two Separate Sexual Assault Investigations TorontoPolice Sex Crimes Unit

Detective Sergeant Kim Gross: Good morning. Back in the spring of this year Toronto Police were contacted by a neighbouring police service in regards to a male that was being investigated for a luring investigation. This Toronto resident was known to out unit and as a result of our own separate investigation he now stands charged with 17 counts of sexual assault and 17 counts of the sexual exploitation of a person with a disability. His name is Patrick Pearsall. His photograph is to the right. He’s 50 years of age. Its alleged that he used social media to meet with a female victim who’s 18 years of age. This 18 year old female is a special needs person and though she is a young adult her mind operates at the age of approximately.

12 years. This victim was invited to come to Toronto by a third party, at the request of Mister Pearsall. And once she arrived she was sexually assaulted numerous times over a period of two months. It is believed that Mister Pearsall targets vulnerable girls, who are challenged or at risk and we are looking to see if there’s more victims out there who want to come forward. As of this morning, we’ve identified two more potential victims and I want to thank London Police for assisting us in that regard for now. Mister Pearsall is transient and he’s known to have been in numerous other parts of the province including Belleville, Brighton, Barrie, Welland, Guelph, Trenton, Cornwall and Ottawa as well as London.

He also has frequented the provinces of Alberta and Nova Scotia as well. He’s currently unemployed and anyone with any information about Mister Pearsall’s activities, online or otherwise I welcome them to contact us at Sex Crimes Unit and we will investigate. Reporter: Did the alleged victim in your case have present herself as having some sort of disability or are you alleging he would have known? Gross: its unsure at this point if he actually was aware. I can’t say. I’m not sure how she presented herself. She did not suggest that she was younger than her actual age, Reporter: And was this on Facebook? Gross: It was on social media. I hesitate.

To identify exactly which social media it was. A popular social media. Reporter: Was he going by his own name? Gross: Yes he was. Reporter: What are the ages of the other two victims who you know of as of today? Gross: One is 18 and one is younger than 18. Reporter: Did any of these victims meet the suspect in person ever before. Gross: That I’m unaware of at this point. Reporter: What about this third party that you said had arranged to meet this victim? What’s up with that person? Gross: That person is still talking o the investigators and at this point I think I can safely say that she has some issues of.

Her own that may have affected her judgement. Reporter: Was she being paid or anything like that? Gross: No, there was no indication of that. Reporter: Sorry I may have missed this, but what relationship did the accused have with this third party, are they blood relatives, friends, acquaintances? Gross: No, acquaintances. Reporter: So how did the relationship work? Like was there a period of time that they chatted before meeting in person? Was there a grooming stage? Just walk us through that. Gross: Yes. I would say there was a grooming stage of a couple months before she actually agreed to come to the city and meet with Mister.

Pearsall. And that was grooming through the third party. It was a friendship the developed and the grooming continued from there. Reporter: So she was speaking with the third party and Pearsall? Gross: That’s right Reporter: So she didn’t meet Pearsall until she came to Toronto. Gross: That’s correct Reporter: And where did she come from? Gross: Another jurisdiction and again I hesitate to tell you exactly where because there are ongoing investigations at that jurisdiction. I don’t want to jeopardize that. Reporter: West of the city? East of the city? North of the city?.

Gross: West of the city. Reporter: So the third party would be the one communicating with these girls online and befriend them, and try and make them come somewhere and this is where the 50 year old man would step in? Gross: In this investigation that we are conducting now with the victim who has got disabilities, he did not contact her directly. he used a third party. However, I believe the other victims were contacted directly by him. So he didn’t always use the third party to locate victims. Reporter: Is the third party considered a victim in this, or a suspect? Gross: Its uncertain at this time.

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