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Custody Of Child During Divorce

How to Prepare for Divorce and Child Custody Mediation

Hi, my name is Tim Colgan. I’m a divorce and custody mediator with Colgan and Associates. Parties that I work with in mediation often ask me how can we be prepared to begin our mediation process so that we make the most efficient use of our time. Here are a couple of things that you can do in preparing for mediation to help you. First, begin to compile and gather as much financial information as you can. You’re going to need information regarding bank statements, retirement accounts, the value of your home, the balance owed on your.

Mortgage, any debts that you might have, any other assets of any value. That information is going to be very helpful and informative to both of you as you move through the mediation process and will help the mediator understand who the two of you are and the issues that you need to address. Second, if you can, begin thinking about your forward looking needs and interests. Mediation is a process that allows parties to begin thinking about where they want to be a year from now, five years from now, 10 years from now. In this process, you have the ability to examine your own goals,.

Needs, and interests and in doing so evaluate those goals, needs, and interests against possible options for resolution. In doing that, it’s a very powerful process that allows you to really make a very tailored and long lasting resolution for yourself. Finally, determine if there are any priority topics that you need to deal with during the first mediation session. Mediation is a great process because it allows the parties to control and decide what issues they need to discuss first and foremost.

For instance, do you need to address a schedule for the upcoming school year for your kids? Do you need to address who’s going to pay bills once you’re no longer living in the same home? If you give some thought ahead of time to any priority topics that need to be addressed, the mediator will be able to hone in on those issues and be able to work with you first and foremost to be able to get resolution on those particular topics. If you’d like more information about mediation or if you just want to give me a call to discuss any matter related to family law in general, property.

Division, child custody, or support, please give us a call at 7175025000 or check out our website at cmlaw1 .

Custody Of Children During A Divorce

Hi, I’m Chris Hildebrand of Hildebrand Law. I’m a family law attorney in the state of Arizona. I’ve been practicing family law in Arizona for over 20 years. One of the common questions I hear from clients regarding the Arizona divorce process is, quot;which of the two spouses has custody during the divorce processquot;. If neither party has filed a request for temporary orders and the court has not already issued orders for custody or parenting time between the two parents, the law provides that each parent is equally entitled to the custody, care and control of their children. That doesn’t mean necessarily mean that each parent is entitled to equal parenting time. It just means that one spouse doesn’t have superior.

Rights to custody or parenting time with the child than the other parent. Of course, if there’s a dispute between parents, the parties should either resolve that dispute amicably through a settlement, or they should present the issues to the court at a temporary orders hearing. Some more definitive custody orders and parenting time arrangements can be made. If you have any other questions regarding who has custody of children during an Arizona divorce case, please feel free to email me at chris@hildebrandlaw and thank you for watching our tutorial.

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