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Dads Access Rights

Psycho Dad Axes Laptop

I just fucking love my family. We have here a broken Xbox from two Christmas’ ago. Thanks to my asshole Father.There was two hundred and fifty dollars down the drain. And this fucking bag of tricks.is my broken nine hundred dollar camera and one hundred and fifty dollar shotgun microphone. Which I mean, I scraped together money to get a replacement. But still, I was made a fucking laughing stock in front of all my friends. and on YouTube so it is time to get revenge on these fuckers.

Because I cannot stay in this house anymore. Hey, PoopyJohn. (Knocks on Door) Jeffrey! Jeffrey! (What?) (Opens Door) Hey, I was wondering if I could borrow your laptop? What do you want it for? I was just going to talk to this girl online. Alright. What is.What are you filming? No, I was filming earlier. The camera is off.

That is why I have it down. Oh. Alright. Thank you. (Shuts Door) Hey, Boobs! Okay. By now, you are probably wondering what I am doing.Well. Just knowing how fucking crazy my Dad is. I am going to show him the Psycho. Ew. Ew, that is fucking disgusting. My brother is disgusting.

Okay.I am going to show my Dad the tutorial. Wow, Comcast is surprisingly fast right now. My brothers account. There it is. quot;Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox.quot; Are you fucking kidding me? My brother put ads on this shit. Okay, alright. Hopefully, I do not drop this shit. Okay.

(Struggles) Okay. Fucking asshole. (Chops Wood) Oh, geez. Dad! (What?) I was wondering if you had a second? I got. (Chops More Wood) I wanted to know if you wanted to watch this?.

What is it? It is one of Jeffreys tutorials. Well, why am I watching Jeffreys tutorial and you are filming me? No, it is a reaction. How the hell do you start the thing? You push.You push right there. Why do you pick now to do this anyway? Could you just watch it?.

Yeah. (Tutorial Plays) Do not skip it! Well, I do not know what the hell it is! This is bullshit! What is this?! You tutorialtaped the Xbox thing?! I.I did not! Well, who did?! Jeffrey did! When did he do it and why is it. Why is it on ?! I cannot have people seeing this crap! Why would you even think about doing it?! I did not do it! I am the one.

Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox

So this is where he has been going. Hey, you need any help there? Why are you always filming?! What are you doing in there? Nothing. Could you not go in there please! Alright, if it bugs you that much. Jesus Christ, I will put the camera down. Look, I am sorry. I just do not.I am working out in there and I don’t want anyone to see like it looks like there is sweat everywhere.

And shit. Oh, there is a bunch of sweat of everywhere! Do not go in there! I am serious! Okay! I am serious. Alright. Just do not fucking go in there. I am just going to poop so I am going to come back and if I see you in there, I am going to kill you! Alright, fine! (Opens Door) (Jeffrey!) What?! Like as a brother, could you just be cool for once?! I really have to shit, alright? Alright, fine. (I am trusting you!) Alright, do not sweat your dick off. (Opens Door Again) He should not be doing this.

(Flips Bird!) (Ghost) Where the fuck did he go. Did he touch anything? He touched my. Cannot stand him. (Halo Reach Gameplay) Fuck! What the hell are you doing?! What the hell? Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! No! No! No! It is not what it looks like.Yeah, it is not?.

I told you what not to do.You are fucking crazy! .and you are doing it! Look, do not touch the fucking TV! Here! DAD! I told you before about this.Dad! Dad! You made a commitment! You are not going to destroy another fucking. Are you going to destroy that fucking Xbox?! You made an agreement with us and that is that! (Chuckles) That cost money! That is the second Xbox I bought! If you do not learn from this. I had to buy that off freaking Craigslist! I do not care! It was Craigslist! I do not care. I do not care. Dad, what the fuck are you doing?! Dad, I swear to God! Oh, shit. If you do this.What are you going to do? Oh, shit.

Seriously, what are you going to do? I am going to call.Child Services. Call somebody, Jess. This is not right. You cannot do this to your child! Yes, I can. You are not listening. You are in my house. Why.You are not listening! I have a game in there! I have Halo Reach! You should learn! That means something to me! You made a commitment to us that you would not game until you got a job. I made a commitment to that! I made a commitment to that! Dad! DAD! Holy shit! Holy shit! You are hopeless. Stinking hopeless. Fuck! There it is! (Laughing) Oh, my God. Are you fucking crazy?! I cannot believe that happened.

Learn your lesson. Where are you going?! Where are you going?! Come here! I am not done with you. You do not do that! What do you mean? That is not going to teach him anything! Oh, that does not teach him anything yet you spray me with a hose. Well, you made him upset! You guys are all mental! You promised! I fucking hate.You promised! It is going to still work. You promised.You promised. (Mocking) Whatever! Hey! Hello! Earth to your child, do you even care?! Uh, it is wet. Do you even care? Oh, it is wet? You cannot be treating him like that! It is called it is broken, it is electronic!.

I do not care, you do not listen. There has to be some other way. You promised us something, you stick to it. I swear to God if you film one more fucking tutorial, how about I get your whole fucking camera wet!? Are you going to put.You going to go swim with the fishes like your little Xbox there? Aw, you are going to have to wash that! How many things of yours have gotten wet today? (Evil Laughter) How the fuck do you work this thing?! Start! You piece of shit! (Blower Starts) (Screams).

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