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Death In Custody Queensland

Debate between lawyers in the prehearing conference went on in hushed tones. Before I knew it, my ageing diary was full. Andrew Boe stepped back from the bar table. A gaggle of fifteen or more clerks, journos and lawyers filed out of the prehearing of Mulrunjis third inquest. Two hours had passed. Boe had been there at the second inquest and most proceedings since. He knows all about.

due process. Hurleys lawyer Steve Zillman and police union boss, Dennis Fitzpatrick, were sitting beside each other at the bar table. Coroner Brian Hine showed little expression. When he did, it seemed to say what a thankless task this is. Two issues remain unresolved from the mornings work.

Lawyers discussed whether similar conduct in the manner of arresting people could be admitted into a coronial inquest. There was much discussion of a longawaited CMC investigation into Mulrunjis death. Can a third inquest lead to justice? If not, will the parliament act? If the parliament refuses, what will bring justice for Mulrunji?.

Queensland Police Commissioner Atkinsons response to CMC report

The death of cameron doomadgee at palm island in november 2004 was a terrible tragedy. since then there have been judicial hearings, findings, inquires, reports. Much of that has been very polarised with widely differing views and for some there will never be a sense of satisfaction with this matter that justice has been done. I have always acknowledged the initial investigation into the death of Cameron Doomadgee could have been handled better. But the police service has learnt a great deal from that, weve.

Changed the way we do things and in fact since that time the ethical standards command of the Queensland Police Service has conducted some 50 investigations relating to deaths in custody. To my knowledge none of those investigations have been the subject of criticism by any of the Coroners or by the Crime and Misconduct Commission. The Queensland Police Service provided its report on that initial investigation into Cameroon Doomadgees death to the CMC in November 2008. Now some 20 months later in.

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