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Divorce And Custody Of Pets

Angelina Gets 3 Months Custody Of KIDS Brad Angelina Divorce Agreement Lehren Hollywood

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally reached a temporary agreement until further investigation is done. And according to this new temporary agreement, Angelina Jolie gets the physical custody of her kids, for the next 3 weeks, while Brad will allegedly have an initial monitored visit with a therapist, before they assesses if they should remain present for future visits.

Both Brad and Angelina have agreed on receiving counselling, individually and also as a family with children. And the 52 year old will also undergo random drug and alcohol test voluntarily. Reportedly his 1st drug test, came back negative. This agreement will last till Oct 20th and it is completely voluntary, no judgement has been passed, as officials are still investigating in the case, againts Pitt for abusing kids.

Well, this could be 1 perfect chance for Pitt to convince the court and the world that he can be a good father to his kids, if he gets his act straight.So lets see what happens after Oct 20th . What do you think??? Share your thoughts with us and for more such gossips and updates subscribe to lehrenhollywood.

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