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Father Rights Groups In California

If there’s risk there must be choice. If there’srisk there must be choice. If there’s risk there must be choice.SB277 is a mandatory vaccination bill that would strip the parental right of parentsin the state of California to choose, and to have informed consent, over a medical procedurefor their child, which vaccination is a medical procedure. If we don’t choose to follow theCDC recommended schedule, which has almost tripled in the last 15 years, then our childrenare losing the right to not only a public education, but a private education, in thestate of California. We’re basically kicking our kids that arenot sick, they’re not contagious, on the supposition

that they may, in the future, get a rare disease,and they might be sent to school with that disease, and they might get someone sick.We’re kicking children out based on that premise. There have only been 100 measles cases inthe entire nation, basically, and there’s 320,000,000 people in the US. That is notcompelling interest when no one has died from the measles.Initially on the bill, homeschooling was included in that bill as under the umbrella of SB277.They have since amended it to exclude homeschooling so parents do have an option, but for manyfamilies in the state of California, homeschooling is not an option.A parent cannot afford to quit their job,

so they are basically going to be forced tovaccinate their children even if they’ve demonstrated a susceptibility to vulnerability to the vaccine.A vaccine decision should be something that happens between a and a parent, andyou want to work with your to make those decisions that you’re comfortable with.I need to vaccinate my children or else they don’t get a proper education which is theirright. It’s a constitutional right. It’s unconstitutional. It violates the NurembergCode. Its violates education rights. It violates parental consent. It violates the relationshipbetween a and a patient. I feel like it’s discrimination. The Californiaconstitution guarantees a right, an equal

right, to each and every child in the stateof California regardless of their race. Even kids with HIV, hepatitis B, and tuberculosisare protected under the California constitution, and are not supposed to be discriminated againstbased on a fear of contagion. There’s been a lot of adverse reactions, andI know a lot of people say, quot;No, there’s no link to autism and vaccines,quot; but when youactually talk to parents whose children have been through it, and they’ve been vaccinated,and they’ve had these adverse reactions, those are the type of people that I’m going to believe.My oldest got the chicken pox vaccine and got shingles in her eye following that. Ihave a, my middle child, who wheezed after

his 2 month shot, and was diagnosed with fullblown asthma by 18 months. My third child received a vaccination and went into anaphylacticshock following the DTaP shot. Basically, they’re all on personal belief exemptionsbecause ti’s just not enough for them to get medical exemptions. My youngest can qualifyfor a medical exemption for the anaphylactic shock on the one vaccine, however there arenumerous other vaccines, 15 other vaccines, that he would be required to get. My concernis that they hve the same ingredients I them that he reacted to. I have no way of identifyingwhich ingredient which put him into anaphylactic shock.We had started vaccination with both of my

daughters. They both had strong reactionsto the shots that the did receive. My husband is a paramedic. We’re well educated people.We both have college degrees, and we individually, and collectively, came to the understandingthat the vaccinations that are currently on the market are not safe for our kids.: We had two children in Mexico die that were undergoing the national vaccination program.There are 6 others in grave condition, and 30 total that were ized. The countryof Mexico has suspended the vaccination program based on this occurrence. We’ve seen Japan.They do not vaccinate children unless they’re 2 years old or older because of the risk ofdeath. We have 16,000 kids a year in the US

How Do I get Child Custody For Fathers explained by Los Angeles Child Custody Expert David Pisarra

Hey Guys David Pisarra here with Mensfamilylaw .I want to talk to you today about the three ps of child custody. The most important factorswhen it comes to dealing with a child custody case that I look for and that a judge looksfor. the first is Proximity. How close do you live to where the child lives? How closedo you live to where the child goes to school? Where’s your work located in relation to theschool? If everything is really close in proximity, we want things to be really close judges likethat, it makes it easier for you to be a more involved parent. Next up is paperwork. Ifyou’re going to come into my office and I need to have more time with my kid. THe firstthing I’m going to ask you is do you have

a calendar of all the time you’ve been seeingyour child? receipts which prove to me what you’ve actually been doing? and some sortof tutorial or photos something to substantiate all of that? so I can go to a judge and say,Your honor, here’s all the time he’s been using with his child and he wants more.And lastly, it’s persistence. Persistence is the hardest part for men in this wholeprocess, because it can be so emotionally draining. We’re playing with the time youget to see your child. It’s the only time you’re going to get to be a father to thischild at that age and it goes really quickly and it’s really fleeting and courts can bereally time consuming and slow moving. You

need to have the persistence to fight thebattle and to stick it out and its really really hard and I understand that. So justto recap the three Ps of child custody when you’re coming into us looking to get moretime with your child. I want proximity. I want you living close to where the kid goesto school. I want you working close to where the child goes to school. I want you closeto where the child lives. Paperwork, I want paper trail. I want calendars, I want photos.Receipts from movies receipts from Chuck E. Cheese. and then Persistence. I want you ableto really stick through the fight. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be quick.But together we can get through it. If you

need more information, please feel free tocheck out the blogs, check out the website. Watch the other tutorials and of course callme when you have questions.Remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you throughjust about everything.

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