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A West Australiabased Mori whnau are growing concerned their father could be deported back to NZ

A West Australiabased Maori whanau are growing concerned their father could be deported back to NZ. Mehaka Te Puia has been employed for over 10 years in Australia, but late last year, he was placed under detention under new immigration laws. Here’s Kereama Wright’s report. This is Mehaka Te Puia from Ngapuhi. A member of the Rebels gang in West Australia,.

He’s been imprisoned, and his whanau are angry. Te Puia was arrested November 2 last year due to his connection with the Rebels gang which stretches over 4 years. His daughter Mere says he is being held without being formally charged. To make matters worse, Te Puia was at Casuarina Prison until last Saturday when he was relocated to Albany.

Which is approximately a further four hours west. Under Australia’s immigration laws, there is a Good Character test. According to the law, visas are not granted to those with connections to a person or gang deemed of bad character by the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection. Te Puia’s lawyers are fighting for his release.

Nevertheless, Christmas Island is not an option in case Te Puia is transferred back to NZ. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.

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