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Legal Guardianship Pennsylvania

Announcer: When life’s path takes an unplannedturn, call the Evans Family Law Group for a consultation at 6282550.The Evans Family Law Group, providing a full spectrum of family law services. James Evans: How do you get primary custody?I’ll tell you who primarily asks me that to use the wordprimary a lot is dads. Dads come to me with the misconceptionthat the courts are biased against dads. I don’t believe that.I think there was a time, probably even 10 years ago, when thecourts carried a bias

like that. I think those biases are gone. I think in most courts in our counties Travis,Williamson, Bastrop, and Hays and the counties right here I think that bias is gone. What courts look for it soundstrite but they really are trying to dig for what’s inthe best interest of the kids. The obvious things are if mom ismoving around a lot, if mom has mental health issues, serious mentalhealth issues, not just depressed, but there’s documentedmental health issues,

mom has CPS history, has been investigatedfor abuse or neglect documented, not just because somebody’saccused them of it or domestic violence, I mean if you’ve gotissues like that, those are the obvious things where dads canwin primary custody. What’s important is when a dad comes in andthe scales are more balanced, then you start looking into moreof the nuances of the situation. Now, what you’re looking for arethe aids and the needs of the children or child. Is there achild or a kiddo

that’s got special needs versus kiddos whodon’t have special needs? Are they in school or out of school?How far apart do the parents live? You look for the cooperativeability of each parent to work together. You’re looking for the kind of evidence thatI can expose the other parent for not cooperating with theother parent. Small things, examples like that might be not disclosingschool schedules for activities like concerts orsoccer or games or

events, so it’s disclosed too late so theother parent can’t go or ‘s appointments or things like that.You start trying to expose those kinds of nuances to the case,and, at the end of the day, the courts are really looking forthose kinds of things. Who is the more stable parent? Whois the more permanent parent? At the end of the day, what I always ask clientsis to evaluate: Why should the judge trust you with thesechildren?

Announcer: When life’s path takes an unplannedturn, call the Evans Family Law Group for a consultation at 6282550.The Evans Family Law Group, providing a full spectrum of familylaw services..

Miami Guardianship Attorney The Bryant Law Firm

Primarily the cases we do here are probatelitigation and administration along with guardianship and of course, personal injury. The thingthat set me apart from other attorneys is that I actually answer the phone when youcall. Before I was an attorney, I had an attorneyand I hated him. He was probably more of a problem then my case was. I would call himup, he wouldn’t return my calls. He was impossible to deal with.When I opened my practice, whenI became an attorney, I decided I wouldn’t be like that. Having worked as a defense lawyer definitelyassist me in my practice today because now

I’m on the plaintiff’s side, , it helps meby knowing exactly what makes an insurance company value a case, how their evaluationprocess works, how they round table it, how they come up with an offer to settle the case.How they determine what the case is worth. I was on that side, so it helps me becauseI know what they do. The thing I enjoy about my work is that peoplecome in with a problem. I get to help them when they really need it. They suffered somekind of traumatic loss or injury and this is when they really need help and becauseof what I do, I get to help them..

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