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Mens Rights Hashtags

So these past few weeks i’ve been diving into feminist topics and feminism is one of those things i’ve really avoided talking about on my channel because I know that they attract a certain amount of blow back My gamergate tutorial seemed to attract a fair amount of antifeminists despite the argument that gamergate is about ethics in gaming journalism and not harassment of women or antifeminismbut that’s another topic. Looking into antifeminism is very fascinating because it shows how little men seem to know.

About feminism. There are some people who have devoted entire blogs into criticizing and attacking feminism, but haven’t read a single feminist book or spoken to an actual feminist. They just know that they don’t like them! So I discovered that there’s this tag called menimist. It seeks to parody feminism to point out how completely and utterly bizzare feminism is.

Instead what it does is point out how little men seem to know about feminism. Allow me to sum up a few menimist tweets. What I’ve noticed from a lot of men who criticize feminism is that everything they discuss refers to a personal romantic situation. Most menimist tweets relate to how women interact with men on a romantic or sexual level. Why don’t guys under 6ft get a chance?.

why can’t she open the door for me? And my favorite Why do men have to spend our hard earned money on dates, why can’t we get asked out picked up and fed.i like free food too This is their critiism of feminism. Now of course as a feminist, I find this extremely ironic because what these men don’t realize.

And what i find most men who criticize feminism in this way don’t realize is that feminism is fighting against these things. There’s a reason why men are expected to open the doors and pay for meals. That’s because women are viewed as the fairer sex. Because women are viewed as a fairer sex they aren’t often considered to be competent. Because they aren’t considrered to be competent there’s this entire system set up where men.

Are more likely to be employed than women. in fact, if you were a woman at one point in time you wouldnt even be able to get a job, let alone make your own money. So a tradition has been set where men are expected to pander to women and are expected to pay for meals on dates because they could afford to. Feminism isn’t about men paying for our meals or opening our doors. It’s about being able to decide that we want to open our own doors, have our own jobs and make our own money so.

Maybe one day we can get you that free meal. Another thing I’ve seen is body positivity parody memes This one says This is sexy this is not real men have curves’ This is a parody of one of many Body positive memes that’s been floating around. While I don’t like the idea of saying real women aren’t skinny, I think we also have to examine the feelings behind memes like this.

These memes exist because women from a very young age are taught that their body is their worth. The prettier you are the more likely you are to succeed. So women from a very young age make a connection between their appearance and their value. What this results in is many women of size deseperately hating themselves and their bodies. So many of us are told we aren’t real women because of our size. So memes like this seek to fill a void in the media. They tell women of size that they.

Always LikeAGirl

female director hi erin! Hi! Director Okay, so I’m just going to just give you some actions to do, and just do the first thing that comes to mind. Show me what it looks like to Run like a girl. My hair, Oh God. Show me what it looks like to fight like a girl.

Now throw like a girl. A. My name is Dakota, and I’m ten years old. Director Show me what it looks like to run like a girl. Throw like a girl. Fight like a girl.

What does it mean to you when i say run like a girl? It means run as fast as you can. So do you think you just insulted your sister? No, I mean, yeah. insulted girls, but not my sister. Is Like A Girl a good thing? I actually don’t know what it really. if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. It sounds like a bad thing.

It sounds like you’re trying to humiliate someone. So when they’re in that vulnerable time, between ten and twelve. how do you think it affects them when somebody uses like a girl as an insult? I think it definitely drops their selfconfidence. and really puts them down, because during that time they’re already trying to figure themselves out. And when somebody says, You hit like a girl it’s like.

Well, what does that mean? cause they think they’re a strong person. It’s kind of like telling them that they’re weak, and they’re not as good as them. And what advice do you have to young girls who are told they run like a girl, kick like a girl. hit like a girl.swim like a girl. Keep doing it, cause it’s working. If somebody else says that running like a girl, or kicking like a girl, or shooting like a girl.

Is something that you shouldn’t be doing, that’s their problem. because if you’re still scoring, and you’re still getting to the ball in time, and you’re still being first You’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter what they say. I mean, yes! I kick like a girl, and I swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, and I wake up in the morning like a girl. Because I am a girl. And that is not something that I should be ashamed of, so I’m going to do it anyway.

That’s what they should do. Director If I asked you to run like a girl now would you do it differently? I would run like myself. Would you like a chance to redo it? Yeah. Why can’t run like a girl also mean win the race?.

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