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Parental Rights Georgia

Georgia law allows for the termination of parental rights under some very discrete circumstances. As you might imagine it is difficult to terminate parental rights, appropriately so. For the government to step in and say to a mom or a dad that they are no longer the legal parent of their child is a huge step and so we want to make sure that when the government wields that awesome power that it do so with restraint and only if absolutely necessary. Termination of legal rights therefore is something that rarely happens and is very difficult.

To do, however, there are bases under georgia law under which a parent’s rights can be terminated. Some of the more common ones are abandonment and neglect. If a parent over a long period of time is not involved with the child, does not see the child, is not providing for the child, is not supporting the child financially, then that may be a basis for their rights to be terminated. Criminal behavior on the part of the parents, especially drug ad alcohol abuse and addiction under some circumstances might reach a point where that parent’s parental rights may risk being terminated.

SameSex Adoption Upheld By US Supreme Court

This week the supreme court voted unanimously to reckon a woman’s rights in a samesex adoption case. This overturned in Alabama ruling that would have voided the adoption. This come from a lesbian couple, one of the women had three children while they were together. Thankfully the Supreme Court is coming out on the right side of this. Here are the details. To win adoption rates, the established temporary residency in Georgia. After they had split, they agreed with the Supreme Court .

gt;gt; tutorial buffering gt;gt; a fairly rare case, and here is a section of the ruling. This is extremely important, not just for the people in this case and people in Alabama, but right now about thirty states great second parent adoptions to gay and lesbian couples by law will record rulings. Importantly, in many of those states that do allow some sort some form, if the Alabama state Supreme Court decision had been allowed to stand, were upheld, that could have nullified.

The ability to have those adoptions in literally dozens of states across the country. gt;gt; It’s nice to know that these ugly custody battles happen in samesex relationships just like to do it hetero relationships. gt;gt; That goes to Jimmy Dore’s joke about how he thinks gays voted against legal marriage. gt;gt; The Supreme Court ruling is correct. In this case, I think the ruling is going to benefit the children as well. it is wrong for you to try and cut that person.

Off as soon as your relationship ends, this person has been there for your children. This person has been there and part of your life and your children’s life, and it should remain so. gt;gt; You have to respect the other state laws, if you don’t you are going to have chaos. Alabama visit, Massachusetts is not going to listen to them, know that is a mess. That is not a difficult position, and in fact the ruling in the first place, it is ridiculous.

They had to know it was not going to stand, it might not have even withstood in a deeply conservative court that it used to be. The Supreme Court at this point unsigned saying no chance here, obviously you are wrong. That is why I bring that up, because conservatives sometimes go, even if they are on the Supreme Court in a state like Alabama, I don’t care what the law is, I don’t care that I’m on a Supreme Court and I’m a judge in the United States of America, I’m not going to listen to the most obvious flaw that there is, that.

We have to respect each other’s laws. because why? because i don’t like gay people, according to a document that has nothing to do with our laws. You might like that document, but that’s not what runs the country. I don’t care a bunch of court justices say. So remind me again who the activist judges are? The conservative and Republican judges who say that their religion trumps our law. Thank god they lost out on that today.

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