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Shared Custody Child Support Calculator Louisiana

Graphic: pacheco perez p.a., attorneys at law, 3054422622, ppolaw , 2121 douglas ROAD, SUITE 200, MIAMI, FL 33145 Chastity Perez: Here at Pacheco Perez, we deal with child support issues such as enforcement and modification. Enforcement is when a payor is not paying the obligation of child support, and modification is when there’s been a substantial change in circumstances, such as a loss of employment.

Norma pacheco: the main concerns that our clients have on child support is, first of all, the calculation of the support; second of all, the incomes that are used to calculate the support, whether it’s accurate, it’s appropriate, if it’s under reported; and third of all, when child support actually ends. Pacheco Perez can assist its clients with regard to determining whether the income reported by the other party is accurate. Sometimes, people say what they make, and it’s accurate, and we can confirm that. Sometimes, they say they.

Make less than what they do. in that situation, we can use bank statements and other financial documents to analyze them and put it together, as to whether they make more money. In some situations, we may have to hire what’s called a forensic accountant to assist with putting together a picture as to what income the party really makes. GRAPHIC: PACHECO PEREZ P.A., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, 3054422622, WWW.PPOLAW.COM, 2121 DOUGLAS ROAD, SUITE 200, MIAMI, FL 33145.

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