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Tennessee Child Custody Calculator

Hi, I’m Miles Mason. This message aboutTennessee child support is for clients and friends in Collierville, Memphis, and Germantown,Tennessee and the surrounding area. Tennessee child support strategy in Tennessee divorcelaw is important. Here are the top 6 Tennessee child support strategies:1. Study the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. Details matter.2. Maximize the amount used for the other parent’s income. Make sure all earned andpassive income is included. The definition of gross income is very broad and can includeincome that is not taxed. 3. Maximize your parenting time with the childrenwhen negotiating the permanent parenting plan.

4. Make sure the costs for certain categoriesof your children’s expenses are accurate, such as health insurance premiums and childcare. If you don’t know the amount, find out from the source. Anticipate future costincreases. 5. Make sure you think about all of the extraexpenses your children may need, such as tutoring, sports, and educational travel – both nowand in the future. Share those expenses with your lawyer and discuss specific strategies.6. Run different scenarios. Using the child support calculator, input different amounts(both high and low) for the variables and see how different inputs impact the finalamount. You may be surprised. If a particular

point in dispute has only a small impact onthe outcome of child support, don’t fight over it.

When Can I Reduce My Tennessee Child Support with More than One Child

Hi, this is Miles Mason. This Tennessee childsupport answer is for our family law and divorce clients and friends in Memphis, Collierville,Germantown, Tennessee and the surrounding area. When a parent owes child support formore than on child and the oldest graduates from high school, the obligation to pay childsupport ends only for the oldest when that child reaches 18 or graduates with his orher high school class, whichever occurs second. So, keep a copy of the high school graduationbrochure. Child support is owed as long as the courtorder says so. The question becomes how much is owed. Because some judges in Tennesseemay take the position that you owe the higher

amount until the child support order is modified,we advise parents to obtain an order amending child support as each child graduates highschool. Even though the child support obligation ceases for the oldest child, there is no clearanswer as to what amount is owed for the other child or children unless new child supportworksheets are run and included as part of a court order. Get an amended order to ensurethat both parents understand the obligations. This is the also recommended by Tennessee’sCourt of Appeals. If you have any other questions, call us.

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