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Unwed Fathers Custody Rights Michigan

( music ) Men are being beaten out of their parental rights, so horribly, that it is now the law of the land, that a man cannot prevent a woman from giving up his child for adoption, even when he protests. In a recent court case, a man tried to prevent the mother of his child, from giving up the child for adoption, even though the state law said that he was needed to give consent.

A judge decided that, as a man cannot prevent a woman from murdering his unborn child without his consent, so too, his consent is not needed when a woman decides to give his child up for adoption, thereby removing the state law that the entire population agreed to make as a law. This literally means, that in this country a man has zero parental rights, anymore. This goes right along with the case where child services came to a wealthy man’s house,.

Removed his children, whom he loved and had cared for, for years, and gave them to their crack head mother, because a judge decided a woman cares more for children than a man CAN. Regardless of the man caring for the children from birth, who had all sorts of medical problems from being born to a crack addict woman, and the mother being a total addict during the time. The mother’s one moment of clarity, was enough for the judge to remove the children.

And give them to her, at her request. And, of course, declared that the wealthy man, must give her child support, which of course went IMMEDIATELY to feed her crack habit. It was a great scheme. Sober up for a week, and rob the man of his children and money. BECAUSE SHE CAN. Thank you for watching The Shakaama Live Show.

Financial issues for separating unmarried couples

Financial issues for separating unmarried couples If you are not married, you will not be able to claim maintenance, capital, a share of your former partners pension or an adjustment of shares in matrimonial property. If you have a jointly owned property you can seek a sale and possibly an enhanced share based on your financial contribution. If one of you owns the home but the other can prove there was an agreement that it belonged to you both, the nonowner may claim an interest.

In it. if the owner gave assurances about future security, the nonowner may claim a sum of money, especially if they contributed to the purchase price, mortgage, home improvements or bills. If the nonowner contributed but cant prove an agreement, the court may take account of substantial contributions made towards the purchase of the property or payment of the mortgage. If you were engaged to be married, you do not have to prove an agreement that you have.

An interest in the home, but will still need to show that a substantial contribution was made in money or the equivalent. If it can be shown that there was an agreement or one can be inferred, the court will look at the whole course of dealings between you to calculate the share that was intended, or a sum of money that represents the cost to the nonowner of relying on the others broken promise. If you have children, the parent who has care of the children can apply for financial provision.

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